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Find out what you need to know about your customer and prospects.

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Develop a plan to sell your products and succeed.

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My Stories

War stories. Opinion pieces. Case studies. Writing samples. Call them what you like but hopefully you’ll find something you enjoy.

The Twelve Myths of Marketing

Selling the value of marketing strategy often feels getting twelve drummers drumming, eleven pipers piping...
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Enjoy the Real Thing (to Solve Business Problems)

Twenty years ago, I managed a staff that frequently marched into my office, disgruntled, to...
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Prescribing Patient Engagement to Save Money and Lives: Part Two

Part Two: The How Health organizations are beginning to appreciate the importance of improving the...
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What Clients Say.

  • “Melinda was invaluable in getting our American marketing efforts off the ground, and the window through which we viewed our customers.”

    David Smith
    Marketing Director, HTC
  • “Melinda’s strategic insight, business acumen and understanding of the complex, healthcare market helped transform a conceptual idea into an actionable roadmap and successful program.”

    Scott Whipple
    Deputy General Counsel, Blue Cross of Idaho