01/21 2010

My new online home

I’m excited to announce the birth of my new web site. The old one did the trick for logging my thoughts, but the new one has lots of cool functionality (plus, it looks better, too!). I want to thank Jed Splittgerber at Jed Split Design for doing an amazing job for me. In fact, when Read More


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12/30 2009

I think I can…I think I can….

I mentioned in my last company newsletter that I wasn’t a big fan of new year’s resolutions. Though I could certainly stand to cut back on sweets and drink fewer glasses of wine, I don’t really need to lose weight (thankfully!), dramatically alter my eating habits or exercise more (in fact, my spouse would prefer Read More

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12/9 2009

Meditation, dogs and distractions

I would not call myself a meditation expert. To the contrary, I would actually refer to myself as a meditation disaster. So I guess if I were to advocate meditation as a daily practice, you might refute my claim based solely on my admission that I can’t do it very well myself.

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