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06/6 2013

Quiche A La Mel

  Quiches are one of these wonderful “kitchen sink meals” in which you can throw whatever you have in your fridge. The problem with this strategy is that some quiches turn out better than others. The last time I whipped one up, however, the recipe was worth saving. And fortunately, I actually wrote down the Read More


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06/4 2013

ABCs of Nutrition: Shop Smart

One of the easiest ways to positively impact your eating habits is to shop smart. If you buy packages of brownie mix to store in your cabinets, then you’re much more likely to eat brownies in the evening when you’re hanging out watching TV. Same goes with ice-cream and Pepperidge Farm cookies. If you buy Read More

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05/29 2013

ABCs of Nutrition: Stay Informed

You don’t have to be a food expert to be smart about what you’re eating, but sometimes it can be challenging to recognize information you can trust. Not only is there something in the news almost daily about cures and/or causes of various illnesses, there are also misleading health claims on a range of products. Read More

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05/23 2013

Spartan Beast: Here I Come!

It started with a single push-up last summer as a bet with Luke. (Who could let a (then) 8-year-old outdo me?) Then it became a process of elimination. I wanted to challenge myself this summer physically, and I really believe in events as great motivation to do just that. I’m running the New York City Read More

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05/21 2013

ABCs of Nutrition: Don’t Skip Meals

There are many excuses for skipping meals. Perhaps you don’t have time, don’t make the time or simply forgot (the latter of which I find quite perplexing because I never forgotten a meal in my life!). More than likely, however, you have skipped meals to avoid unnecessary calories, save up for a meal you haven’t Read More

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05/16 2013

There’s So Much More to Life Than Winning

From the moment we exit the womb, we are taught to strive for the best and reach for the stars. Whether it’s making good grades, being accepted by a great college, climbing the corporate ladder or winning a sport championship, winning is where it’s at. However, there are occasional moments when we are reminded that Read More

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05/14 2013

The Great Veggie Challenge: Dinner Finale

I just finished teaching a six-week course at Anser Charter School entitled the Great Veggie Challenge. After planting potatoes, touring organic markets and preparing a whole host of vegetables at my house, we celebrated by visiting Peaceful Belly to harvest vegetables and cook for parents.  Just the other day, Luke told me that his last day Read More

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05/9 2013

ABCs of Nutrition: Eat Healthy, Whole Foods

There are so many benefits to eating healthy, whole foods that it’s hard to find a reason not to eat them. They contain nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, iron and pretty much everything else that’s good for you. When in doubt about what to eat, go whole! So why? No processed worries Many processed foods contain Read More

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05/7 2013

Great Veggie Challenge: Week 5

For six weeks, I am teaching a course at Anser Charter School in Boise called the Great Veggie Challenge for students in grades 1-3. The course description starts by saying: Are you ready to take the challenge and prove to yourself and your parents that you can eat – and actually like – vegetables? During Read More

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05/2 2013

ABCs of Nutrition: Learn How to Cook

One of the best ways, in my opinion, to improve your health and well-being is to learn how to cook. In fact, that’s why I wrote a book about it. After all, how can you possibly count calories or grams of fat if someone else is always making meals for you? Buying and preparing your Read More

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