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06/7 2012

Improvisation: A Great Solution for Dinner

In our household, dinner rarely goes according to plan. Even if I am diligent about planning, inevitably I forget something when I grocery shop. On this particular occasion, however, I had two specific recipes in hand as I set off to the market; and still things took at unexpected twist. This month’s Bon Appetit has a number Read More


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05/31 2012

Grain salads – great for dinner, lunch or after matches!

Warm weather has arrived, school is out and tennis season is in full swing. As I mentioned earlier in the week, getting dinner ready for the family before match time can be challenging! Fortunately, though, in our Boise league, we get treated to a wealth of delicious snacks after team play is complete. A few Read More

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05/25 2012

Cool Things Down with a Citrusy Salad for Memorial Day

Tank tops. Sundresses. Warm weather. Sunshine. Fresh garden veggies. A cold beer. Mountain biking. These are just a few of the things I like about summer. And Memorial Day is just the occasion to welcome this blissful 3-month season. Dinner salads are fitting for the season – and Memorial Day weekend – as well. They Read More

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05/22 2012

White fish with “corn guacamole”

My little boy, Luke, loves anything with avocados, and as such, names anything containing avocados – guacamole. I’m not sure the seasoned chef would term this topping guacamole; rather, a corn salsa might be more apropos. Either way, this dish is very versatile because you can use any type of white fish and serve it Read More

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05/15 2012

Beef with Black Bean Sauce

By this time, you have probably surmised that I am a big Jamie Oliver fan. And you would be correct. Today’s entree originated from a recipe out of Jamie’s Food Revolution, Sizzling Beef with Scallions and Black Bean Sauce. Though the original recipe isn’t bad for you, I’ve spiced it up a bit, added some veggies Read More

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05/2 2012

Pan seared halibut

It’s halibut season again, and this is one of my favorite fish – especially prepared this simple, flavorful way. Halibut is a mild fish which takes on the flavor of a sauce very nicely. You simply have to be careful not to overcook halibut or it will dry out and taste terrible. This particular recipe Read More

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