If you don’t have time to read through the testimonials (below), there’s a word cloud (above) that includes adjectives used most often by my clients to describe their working relationship with me.


“Melinda was invaluable in getting our American marketing efforts off the ground, and the window through which we viewed our customers. In addition, she was instrumental in positioning our devices to wireless carriers and developing programs to sell our products to consumers. She and her team were professional, creative, resourceful, and knowledgeable on all aspects of marketing from research and planning to execution and follow through.”  

-David Smith, Marketing Director, HTC

“Melinda added value to our organization the minute she walked in the door. Her strategic insight, business acumen and understanding of the complex, healthcare market helped transform a conceptual idea into an actionable roadmap and successful program. Beyond her technical skill and keen intelligence, Melinda’s collaborative approach and infectious enthusiasm fostered an expectation of success to our whole team.” 

– Scott Whipple, Deputy General Counsel, Blue Cross of Idaho

“Melinda immersed herself in this project with enthusiasm and know-how. She recommended a course of action for meeting Microsoft’s immediate and long-term objectives in the home electronics space and executed the project flawlessly, even under a tight timeline. The protocol was inventive, and the recommendations were constructive to Microsoft for growing their business in this industry niche. I know I can trust Melinda for dependable service and judicious results.”

– Michele Keeffe, CEO, Buzzbee

“Melinda’s evident thorough preparation provided a secure foundation for our branding process that included guided brainstorming with college leadership, faculty, our business advisory board, and our students…. Hinson Neely’s objective analytical efforts have been important to us throughout this process to make sense of the many good ideas that have developed along the way. We are now in a great position to develop and agree on an articulation of our positioning/branding to provide consistent messaging to our key stakeholders.”

– Douglas Haines, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Business Department Head, University of Idaho

“Melinda  followed through in a timely manner on every aspect of our request. She was very easy to work with and allowed us to perform preliminary work in order to keep costs down. We received valuable insight in to how other community banks are perceived by customers as well as feedback on our own customer service. We requested three presentations of the market study results and were very impressed with Melinda’s willingness to schedule time for each presentation.”

– Jim Latta, CEO, Idaho Banking Company (now DL Evans)

“Melinda’s Discovery Workshop was a great first step in launching our new business. It gave our employees buy-in to the branding process, and provided clarity and focus to our organization in achieving business goals. The recommendations from the workshop served as a great foundation to develop our name, visual identity and marketing materials. Not only did the Melinda help poise our business for long-term success, but the group was dependable and a pleasure to work with.”

– Jodi Whittaker and James Beck, Principals, Element 8

“In particular, I was impressed that with as limited a program as we contracted, that you took time to learn different features about our community that could be integrated into an effective marketing strategy. It was refreshing. So often we find urban based consultants try to project urban models into rural settings and as a consequence, they aren’t successful. You have a sensitivity to the environment in which your client operates that I think bodes well for your final product. You know the questions to ask, listen to the answers, and then give practical advice and solutions.”

– Tony Edmonson, Business Administrator, Two Rivers Medical

“When the relationship began, Melinda led a workshop for our executive team to determine Affinity Global’s branding and positioning. Not only did she create messaging that resonated with our customers and prospects, but she and her team built a new Web site in record time. They developed marketing and sales collateral on time and on budget at a high standard of quality we have grown to rely upon. They were a great partner who listened well and executed even better.”

– Todd Achilles, Vice President, Affinity Global

“Melinda excels at tailoring and practicality. We have brought her in to help medical groups we manage. And I’ve been impressed that they appreciated that each situation was unique, building a plan upon a practice’s strengths and capabilities. Melinda grew up around healthcare administration; and as a result, Hinson Neely will create results-oriented solutions delivering a return on investment.”

– Jim Trounsen, CEO, MedMan

“With an eye for the big picture, Melinda understands the details that bring a company’s business goals together. She understood our business realities by building, creating and helping execute an actionable marketing that generated sales and profitability for PivotLink.”

– Kristi Marchbanks, CEO, PivotLink