Breathe Your Way to a Better Day

I researched the best ways to improve your health, perusing resources such as US News & World Report, WebMD, and Dr. Oz. Some of the suggestions were not so obvious: eat more grapes, have more sex, become a morning person, learn to play the drums, give up artificial sweetener and drizzle more olive oil.

More logical suggestions were exercise, smoking cessation,  getting more sleep, consistent water consumption, salt reduction, and adequate servings of fruit.

Deep breathing to improve your health

There’s one simple exercise that has all sorts of health benefits. Deep breathing improves your health and happiness in more ways than you might have thought. Here are the highlights:

– Relieves stress and tension
– Relaxes the mind
– Removes toxins from the blood
– Relieves pain
– Increases muscle strength of your organs
– Strengthens immune system
– Aids in digestion
– Boosts energy level
– Improves your mood
– Boosts energy level

Why not give something so seemingly simple a try?

How to breathe correctly

Deep breath technique involves filling your belly with air, not just your chest. According to Robin Keys, proper breathing should be deep, slow and rhythmic and done through the nose, not the mouth. Each breath should ideally last three to four seconds breathing in and three to four seconds breathing out. Marcia Head, licensed therapist, suggests four breaths in and eight breaths out during times of duress and anxiety.

Breathe in slowly and when your lungs are full, exhale slowly and pull your belly button back in towards your spine to push out all of the air from the lungs.

Make deep breathing a habit

Like exercising and eating well, deep breathing takes repetition and discipline to become a habit. To kickstart better breathing, try ten deep breaths in the morning when you wake up, and ten more at night when you go to bed. Then, sprinkle deep breaths throughout the day, especially when you’re feeling stressed for fatigued. Deep breathing works wonders on those night when you can’t sleep.



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