As much as I love summer, I enjoy vacation even more.

After a week of peace and relaxation at Michigan’s Crystal Lake, where Grandpa and Grandma spend their summers, I asked Luke his top ten favorite things about vacation.

His response was:

“Jumping in the water” (which he did at least 10 different times each day, regardless of the weather)


“Driving the boat”

“Seeing the dogs” (Grandma and Grandpa’s schnauzers who were overjoyed when Luke left)


“I love my grandparents”

“Going to the beach – actually this was my very favorite thing”

“Angry Birds Rio” (purchased for $1, from his personal stash of money earned while on the trip, thanks to Grandma and the recycled bottles)

“Golfing” (at two of Beulah’s finest putt-putt centers)

“Sleeping in the ‘dream bed’” (Dad’s gallant effort at getting Luke to sleep in his bed and not ours)

“Riding (in the tube) behind the boat”


“Don’t really have ten, just nine”

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