Boise Hills in Summer

As much as I like to snow ski, I’d take summer over winter any day. Even if I weren’t cold natured, I much prefer tank tops to sweaters, sweat to frozen fingers and bare feet to stylish boots.

As the Fall is soon approaching, I lament over the summer season that is about to end. Thus, I will pay tribute to the season I love by revealing the top ten things that make it so special.

1. Longer days. Daylight till 10 is as luxurious is pure silk upon my skin. What’s not to like about sunshine and being outside?

2. The landscape. Green grass, trees with leaves and blooming flowers with fresh aromas – these are all treats for sight and smell. Snow is beautiful, too, but when it melts, puddles are left behind. Green never melts – it simply fades to glorious shades of yellow and red.

3. Tanned skin. Though I have (thankfully!) replaced my childhood concoction of iodine in baby oil with SPF-loaded sun screen, I will always enjoy the warmth of sunshine upon my skin. Who doesn’t prefer healthy skin color to legs that might blind another person?

4. Riding bikes. I’m blessed to live in a city where I can bike to the post office, bank and grocery store – all within a two mile radius of my home. We can bike to concerts, to dinner and to the park – jaunts that are fun for the family, save money and save the environment, too. (And I could spin the wheels in winter, too, I am a bit of a baby when it comes to frozen feet and hands!).

5. Fresh veggies and herbs. My tiny back-yard garden provides our family with delicious foods that last through the fall. There’s nothing better than home-grown tomatoes, a plentiful supply of basil, fresh lettuce that keeps growing and sweet peas right off the vine. Not only does fresh, in-season food make cooking easier and more enjoyable, but everything tastes better and costs less, too.

6. Eating outside. Whether it’s on my back porch or on a restaurant’s veranda, meals accompanied by fresh air are far superior to those paired with a blast of air conditioning or heat. Luckily, Boise is not all that buggy, so eating outside is all the more pleasurable.

7. Hikes in the hills. I love taking my dogs for long walks in the morning as the sun rises over the horizon. It’s great exercise, the views are amazing and the dogs are in heaven. And though I enjoy the experience in the winter, too, the crisp morning air in summer is something to treasure.

8. Tennis. There are many benefits to playing tennis – great exercise, fun with friends and a chance to stir up those competitive juices. Indoor courts are great when the elements inhibit us, but it’s so much fun to play whenever and wherever you want, adorning a cute tennis skirt no less.

9. Tank tops. During my six years in damp, cool Seattle, I longed for a sweater-less evening. I now relish the ability to wear tanks tops and sundresses – whether I’m at a concert, walking the dogs or sitting outside drinking a beer.  It’s the little things in life that become so meaningful after deprivation.

10. School’s out. This pleasure is not just for kids! Though I work full-time, usually from home, summer can be a time to relax and enjoy quality time with my little guy, Luke. Although I sometimes stress out coordinating his schedule, when he has “free time” from camps or nannies or play dates, I try to relax and enjoy the precious moments I get to spend with him. Because I know they won’t last forever.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Photo of Boise hills courtesy of Talo66 on Flickr.

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