As a person with great passion for an active lifestyle, one thing I have always struggled with as a writer/blogger/social media neophyte is spending so much time in front of a computer. Do thoughts like these enter your mind, too?

Can I justify reading articles on fitness when I could be exercising?

Should I be soaking up sunshine instead of reading blog posts?

Are tweeting and facebooking as important as breathing fresh air and hiking up the hills?

Can I wholeheartedly advocate physical activity when I spend a huge chunk of my life sitting down?

Here are  few ideas to consider if you are trying to strike the perfect balance between learning more, working a lot and exercising. Oh, and having a little fun, too.

1)   Put the article aside. I loved this article by Laura Venderkam at CBS MoneyWatch entitled, “6 things that feel productive but aren’t.” I, too, am guilty of always being busy; but often a little downtime is better for health and productivity. Specifically, Vanderkam suggests going for a walk and getting fresh air instead of reading that next article on your computer.

2)   Listen. Like great articles, there is much to learn from reading non-fiction books (and much to enjoy from reading fiction). There are more books to read than hours in the day, and listening to them while running, walking and even cleaning is one way to expand your horizons while also decreasing your pant size!

3)   Write while exercising. Though this sounds a bit tricky, and doesn’t necessarily satisfy a need to be outdoors, it may be something to consider. Tom Martin at MarketingProfs, in an article called, “How to Lose Weight While Blogging,” recommends writing your next blog post while walking on a treadmill. All you need is a treadmill, of course, and $200+ worth of technological toys. Hum…think these devices might work on a hike in the hills?

4)   Take a technology break. Though I’m sure a lot of social media experts and media professionals would disagree with me, I truly believe a break from screen-time is good for the mind, body and soul. There are tools like hootsuite, twuffer,  tweetlater and others, if you simply can’t go twitter-less for a few hours. Another option is to take a smartphone break. The change might do you good.


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