Idaho is a beautiful state. I have so much more to explore before I’ve come close to seeing it all. One of my problems is that whenever I have vacation time, Sun Valley draws me back. Here’s a small sample of why I think Sun Valley is a small slice of heaven on earth.

In one (long weekend), I was able to do the following.

– Hear Bruce Hornsby and Bela Fleck play at the Sun Valley Showdown. (I had a fabulous dance partner, btw).

Melinda and Luke at Hornsby Sun Valley 11

– Catch a glimpse of the ice-skating show with Johnny Weir.


– Eat some amazing dinners at restaurants that included CK’s, Ciro and Globus. I’ve got to get that avocado gazpacho recipe from Ciro.

– Eat fabulous breakfasts at the Kneadery, Christina’s and local favorite Perry’s.

– (Gain weight from all the decadent food I ate).

– Mountain bike amidst amazing Sawtooth scenery on the Fox Creek Loop.

fox creek loop

– Visit the Sun Valley bike park for Luke to cycle brilliantly over the bumps (while the parents pretended they were kids again).

– Hear Jackie Evancho play with the Sun Valley symphony (albeit behind the fence because I didn’t want to pay $100+ / ticket to sit inside the pavilion).

– Bowl at the Sun Valley Lodge (ok, I admit I got coaxed into this one by Luke).

– Spend too much money on shopping, especially at a great boutique called Burnsie’s.

– Run along the bike path and in the hiking trails by the Sun Valley Lodge, huffing and puffing since I’m not used to the altitude.

– Play tennis with friends.

– Swim in half the pools in Sun Valley, much to the persuasion of my little one.

– Enjoy a lovely view of Baldy from our cute condo at Snowcreek.

Bald Mountain

P.S. I was exhausted when I got home last night!

Photos courtesy of (Fox Creek Loop photo), William Joseph Gallery (Bald Mountain photo) and (ice show photo).

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