We are all brainwashed to believe that being skinny is the pinnacle of health and well-being. From books to magazines to movies to fashion runways, being skinny and looking beautiful are epitomized as the way to be. Why is the message always about slimming down, losing weight and having perfect abs?

A million dollar figure is not a realistic goal for those of us who juggle work, family, fitness and fun – without a slew of chefs, assistants or personal trainers to get us through the day. After all, movie stars and other celebrities have resources – and pressures – we don’t.

More importantly, wellness is about so much more than weight loss and dress size. Who wants a fat-free, lettuce-filled life of deprivation anyway?

In contrast, health and well-being is an abundance of things that make our lives complete – such as good food, enjoyable fitness activities, family, friendships, laughter, good books, fulfilling professions and exploration of hobbies and other personal interests.

If you’re seeking a one-size-fits-all wellness equation, you may quickly become disillusioned. After all, life events and crazy schedules usually lead to fuzzy math!

Good health is not a week-long cleanse, surgical procedure or trip to the spa; it’s a life-time commitment to better habits – ones that are well within our reach, without turning life upside down.

Take that first step toward a life-long, fulfilling journey to feeling great. Tiny steps make a big difference in the long haul.


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