I hope your journey to healthier living has gotten off to a great start in 2013. I devoted the month of  January to a series of blog posts to help you achieve your health and wellness goals this year and beyond. I did so because I think it’s important to picture what a healthy you looks like, so you can build the right program to achieve that vision. It’s always easier to execute the tactics if a well formulated strategy is in place.

If you signed up to receive these via email or read them on my blog, I hope a few ideas inspired you! If you wish to receive all thirteen tips in a .pdf format that’s readable on an e-reader, please contact me directly.

Now that February is upon us, it’s time to turn the focus to fitness. Stay tuned for my Get Fit February tips – so you can get moving, now!

Illustration by Luke Neely, a little boy who is very excited about the Super Bowl.

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