It’s no secret I’m a sports buff. Hence, I can’t miss the opportunity to join in the excitement of March Madness. The question is: Is the madness good or bad for your health? I’ll let you decide.


Top 10 Reasons Why March Madness is Good for Your Health

1. It reduces stress in other aspects of your life. Who cares about getting that tax return finished when you have more important things to do? Relax and watch – it’s good for your brain.

2. It’s a chance to win some extra cash. Unless you know a lot about basketball, in which case you are bound to lose any bets you might have made due to your “knowledge.”

3. It brings the family together. So what if the newfound closeness is over a silly pool? You may be calling each other names, but at least you’re talking to one another.

4. The excitement alone speeds up your metabolism. Especially if it’s a 12 seed beating a 5 at the buzzer. Hard to beat this one for a little Thursday afternoon thrill.

5. It’s a good excuse to play hooky from work. A little time away from the office always nurtures the soul, even if it’s only a mental break.

6. You can show support for friends who own the teams. Oh wait, that’s Nascar, not college basketball.

7. It’s the perfect excuse to re-live your youth. And laugh about making shots on the other team’s goal. Dribbling the ball behind your back even though you’re 30 points down. Bricking shots. Goofing off on teh bench. You get the picture.

HS Basketball On Bench

8. You’ll burn lots of calories. Especially if you’re watching a game on the treadmill at the gym. Or on the bike trainer at home.

9. You’ll bring new meaning to feng shui. After you’ve cleaned everything in your home, you’ll start re-arranging the furniture, too. And that’s even more calories.

10. You’ll get to know the Tar Heels a little better. Especially if they go all the way, baby. And as the saying goes: If God is not a Tar Heel, then why is the sky Carolina blue?

Top 10 Reasons Why March Madness is Bad for Your Health

1. You’ll drink too much beer. And all depending on how much is too much, you may overdo it.

2. You’ll eat too many chicken wings. Especially if you hang out at Hooter’s or Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the games. And we already know that chicken wings aren’t the healthiest things to eat.

3. You might gain weight. If you spend too much time on the couch in a supine position watching TV.

3. Your blood pressure will rise. Especially during those buzzer beaters. Hum…I may have already mentioned that one.

4. You’ll lose productivity at work. Especially during the first two days of the tourney. Who can resist checking the scores (or turning the TV on, if you work from home)?

5. (And in extreme situations…) You may risk losing your job. If your boss asks you about the latest sales forecast and your respond with your current bracketology score.

6. You’ll lose money. If you place too many bets on teams you are certain will win. Let’s face it. Even Jay Bilas got burned by VCU last year. (And I really like Bilas, despite his college allegiance).

7. You risk extreme depression. Especially if your team loses earlier than planned. Or frankly, even if they lose later than planned.

8. You’ll be reminded of your shortcomings. Remember the glory days? Just watching these college players will be a sad reminder of all those dollars you won’t be making in the NBA (or WNBA). Ever.

9. Your significant other will be angry with you. Especially if you are checking too scores too often during a romantic dinner.

10. You might miss a flight. While sitting at the bar engrossed in a game when the airline announces last call. OK. Maybe that’s not bad for your health, it has simply happened to me one too many times not to mention.

Enjoy the thrill! And go Heels!

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