I hope everyone enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving day with friends and family! If  you had one too many slices of turkey or pumpkin pie, it may be time to burn off those extra calories. What better way to keep celebrating – and start exercising – than signing up to run or walk a local turkey trot?

Are you up to stuff on your turkey trot knowledge?

1. Approximately how many turkey trots are there in the US?

2. What is the average distance of a turkey trot?

3. Where is the largest turkey trot?

4. Where is the oldest turkey trot?

(Answers below):

1. uǝǝʇɥƃıǝ pǝɹpunɥ ǝǝɹɥʇ

2. sǝlıɯ 8 oʇ 1˙3 ɯoɹɟ ǝɹɐ ʇsoɯ

3. sɐxǝʇ sɐllɐp

4. ʞɹoʎ ʍǝu olɐɟɟnq

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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