Happy belated mother’s day to all the moms out there, and may the loving treatment continue. Here are my faves from last week.

My Favorite Day

I love Mother’s Day! I get to hang out and enjoy the day with all my Bubs – Baby Bubs (Luke), Bubs Senior (Rob), and the Furry Bubs (Walden and Boedi). They let me be princess for the day, gave me a wonderful portrait (courtesy of Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery), cooked dinner for me, and even gave me a massage at day’s end. My Type A son dictated to my Type B husband how I like massages, all while Walden licked off the massage oil.

Luke Mothers Day Picture

My Favorite Team I’ll Miss Dearly

My 3+ month engagement with Stress Limit Design (sadly!) came to an end last week. I can’t say enough great things about Justin and his impressive team. They treated me like I was a million dollar client (though I wasn’t!), provided great suggestions for my online brand strategy and taught me how to write better. Thanks Jessica. I’ll miss you.

My Favorite Article

I may even have to write an entire blog post about this one. Titled 5 Things Happy People Do, this Oprah.com article gives a uplifting and positive suggestions on how little things can make you a happier person. My favorite sentence:

“The positive emotion accompanying thoughts that are directed toward meaningful goals is one of the most enduring components of well-being.”

My Favorite Recipes

How2Heroes had a number of wonderful recipe suggestions for Cinco de Mayo. The layout on this cooking site is great – you can watch a video, get the recipe and read the hero profile. Check out this tasty chicken tamales recipe.

My Favorite Interview

If you haven’t checked out Matt Frazier’s blog, No Meat Athlete, you should! His interview on my site last week is great insight into what this athlete/student/vegetarian is all about.

I love you Mom

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