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Market Research

Who is the most likely to buy – then try – your product? Get to know that customer beyond basic demographics and user habits. Engage, delight, build loyalty. Put your customers at the center of your product, marketing and business strategy. Really connect by getting to know them.

Competitive studies

Online surveys

Focus groups

One-on-one interviews

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Product Strategy

Do you have great product in development or ready to launch but not sure who to target and how? Know your audience but frustrated because they aren’t listening to what you have to say? Wish to expand your customer base to new users?

Even the best products may get lost in the noise without a well-laid plan to reach the right customers at the right time.

Product positioning and messaging

Customer Journeys

Personas and customer segments

Marketing campaigns, with timeline, budget and measures

Unbiased recommendations to fill resource (people and technology) gaps

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Wish you had compelling content to generate leads for your business? Want to provide information your customers actually care about and want to read, listen to or watch? Do you feel overwhelmed with what to create and how to deliver it?

Content strategy and plans

Writing: Blog posts, case studies, white papers, eBooks and thought leadership pieces

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