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Don’t Miss Melinda as Your CMO for Hire

In a fast-moving, rapidly-growing startup organization, every marketing decision counts and each marketing dollar makes an impact.

Your business doesn’t have time to learn slowly. You need an experienced marketing executive who can step into a leadership role, quickly understand the landscape of your industry, assess resources and challenges, and make the right decisions needed to meet your goals.

Meet Melinda Hinson.

With over twenty years of experience managing successful brands and bringing startups to market, Melinda’s expertise in branding, market research, strategy, media relations, and managing cross-functional teams is your key to moving forward.

Whether she acts as a stand-in during a management transition or a CMO to lead your team, Melinda brings the following strengths to your organization:

  • Strong understanding of how to manage a wide range of resources, including team building and determining how best to take advantage of existing personnel and capabilities.
  • Expert budget oversight to ensure your marketing dollars are put toward campaigns and initiatives that align with your strategies and achieve the most powerful impact for you brand.
  • Executive management expertise to drive your marketing vision and strategy, and quickly get up to speed on your businesses resources and goals.
  • Leadership experience managing multiple agencies and internal staff working together collaboratively to achieve the same goals, maintain a consistent brand, and deliver their best work product for your business.
  • Keen instinct for branding based on decades of experience, ensuring your brand planning and execution truly reflects your product and organization and is memorable within your target market.
  • Confident and skilled presentation and sharing of your marketing vision and business direction to all stakeholders– affiliates, business partners, investors and the executive team.
  • Well-established network of relationships with advertising agencies, market research teams, copywriters, designers, and digital media experts.


Contact Melinda today to start a conversation about how she can bring her experience and expertise to your business.