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Convey the Magic of Mercedes-Benz (and Turn Dreamers into Buyers)

When Jim Cross, CEO of Mercedes-Benz of Boise, called to ask if I’d be interested in doing some research for his car dealer, I responded: “I’m not really a luxury car gal, so you might prefer someone else do the work.” Cross responded, “And that’s exactly why I want you to do it.” The project […]

Why Content is Queen and You Should Curtsy

Since I started working in marketing (far more years than I’d like to admit), content has been in high demand. Press releases, brochure copy, ad copy, case studies, packaging copy and annual reports – these are a few examples of must-have content. In today’s information age, you need web copy, blog posts, thought leadership articles, […]

Know Your Customers (as if You’re Dating Them)

Most, if not all, companies would like to connect with their customers in hopes of creating more leads and building a loyal customer base. The more you know about them, the better you can better serve them, at least in theory. But sometimes this task can feel daunting. Like asking someone out on a date. […]

I’m so Confused! 6 Steps to Understand Marketing (A Little Better)

Late last year, a client prospect asked me to provide a proposal for a marketing plan and lead generation campaign (using their automation software). Two months, three conversations and two proposals later, the prospect says, “What I really need is more visibility on LinkedIn.” I don’t share this story to disparage the business owner; rather, […]

Reaching Healthcare Decision Makers is Like da Vinci Taking On Franklin

Despite the proliferation of digital marketing, big data and new ways to measure the effectiveness of just about everything, marketing is still as much an art as a science. If you’re trying to reach healthcare decision makers, it takes a little of both – added together and multiplied by 10. Why is healthcare so daunting? […]

What Healthcare Could Learn from CPG

Early in my career, I worked in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketing. A “classically trained marketer” was the term to describe these brand or product managers. Though times have changed considerably since those days, this business structure put the customer at the center of all decisions. As a product’s general manager, we viewed all engineering, […]

One Bowl Wonder

This is another easy-to-pull together meal that tastes great and is super healthy, too. You can also whip this up with whatever you have in your cupboard and/or alter to include what you  like. The secret ingredient that pulls it all together is the avocado cream. It even tastes good by itself and pulls all the […]

Easy Grilled Asparagus That Everyone Loves

When others ask me what my specialty is, I generally tell them “making healthy food taste great.” Nothing could be more true than with vegetables. I was determined years ago that my child would eat his veggies, and sure enough, he does today. Some creations took more trial and error than others, but my version […]