fifty yard line of life

Elle Mayer just sold her tech startup, finalized a divorce, and turned fifty. At a time when Elle expected to relish all the treasures life was supposed to offer, she suddenly lacks clarity on how to find a man, money, and meaning to move forward. She spent so many years tirelessly chasing the big dream, she lacks stamina to get back in the game. Feeling undesired in the bedroom and the boardroom, she throws caution to the wind and heads out West for a life-changing culinary adventure. With the support of her two best friends, Samantha and Karen, she recharges her batteries, relocates, and starts a new business venture. Despite hot flashes, an old beau, and blond bimbo standing in her way, Elle finds a winning path down the field of life.

Laugh. Cry. Relax. Relate.

About Melinda

About Melinda

Entrepreneur, Author, Mom

Melinda has juggled a career, family, and healthy lifestyle – and (usually!) makes it work. She loves to cook, run, play tennis, and cycle. With three published books about wellness, cooking, and exercising, she is currently working on a fictional trilogy about the power of friendship, hobbies, professional fulfillment, and love. She currently resides in Nashville, TN, with her two mini labradoodles.

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Make better food choices. Get fit. Prepare tasty meals the family will love.

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