The Continuing Saga of Snacks

Is ‘snack’ a four five letter word in your vocabulary? I am a big fan of snacking throughout the day as a means of managing my weight and controlling an otherwise ravenous appetite. Working from home greatly simplifies the snacking process, as I can walk over to the cupboard or fridge and grab a variety […]

Seven tips for keeping recipes disorganized

A few weeks ago, I went a friend’s house for a surprise birthday party. The guests arrived before the hosts, so we took advantage of the extra time to prepare the appetizers we’d brought. While I was searching for spoons (I promise I wasn’t snooping), I found this incredibly organized notebook full of recipes: I […]

Healthy Fast Food: A Misnomer?

Luke saw a TV commercial for Carl’s Junior and said, “Look Mom, Carl’s Junior is now offering healthy foods.” Though he didn’t ask to try out one of their menu selections, he demonstrates the incredible power in advertising to youngsters. After all, the ad convinced my perceptive (then 11-year-old) son of a fast food cynic […]