ABCs of Nutrition: Develop Good Habits

Most of us are creatures of habit, whether it pertains to drinking, exercising, reading, watching TV, cleaning or sleeping – and many others. Think about it! If it is feels good, satisfies our needs and feels comfortable, why not do it again? Diet and eating are no exception to the rule. I want a cup […]

Easy and Tasty Roasted cauliflower

Roasted cauliflower is another crowd pleaser that’s simple to make and healthy, too. When I roast cauliflower for Luke, my son, he is so excited and fights for leftovers (I’m a fierce competitor). Ingredients Place chopped cauliflower in a baking dish. Pour olive oil over vegetables until they are covered (it doesn’t need to be […]

ABCs of Nutrition: Eat a balanced diet

As I mentioned in my last post on weight loss diets, no clinical research has proven that cutting out or down on a macronutrient is advantageous for your health. In fact, the name macronutrient implies that your body needs it! So why do without? Protein can be converted to glucose to supply energy for the body. […]

One Bowl Wonder

This is another easy-to-pull together meal that tastes great and is super healthy, too. You can also whip this up with whatever you have in your cupboard and/or alter to include what you  like. The secret ingredient that pulls it all together is the avocado cream. It even tastes good by itself and pulls all the […]

Easy Grilled Asparagus To Please the Crowd

When others ask me what my specialty is, I generally tell them “making healthy food taste great.” Nothing could be more true than with vegetables. I was determined years ago that my child would eat his veggies, and sure enough, he does today. Some creations took more trial and error than others, but my version […]

ABCs of Nutrition: Eat to Feel Good

If you want to know my mantra for nutrition and eating well, look no further: Eat to feel good. Not to be skinny. An hourglass figure or abs of steel is not the pinnacle of health and well-being. Despite popular belief, looking razor thin is not the key to the kingdom. Moreover, measuring yourself against […]