A Kid's Guide to Staying Fit

Today, I welcome guest blogger Luke Neely, my 8-yeard old who is constantly teaching me a thing or two about life. He is going to share with us his favorite ways to integrate exercise throughout his day.

I don’t know what all the fuss is. All you grown-ups complain about having no time to exercise, but it’s so easy to do — any time. Here are my top ten favorite ways to exercise.

1. Run everywhere. Going to the grocery store or Target is so boring, so I make it more fun by running down the aisles. Especially when my mom says no and I keep doing it. I also like to run at the airport, down the street with my dog Boedi and pretty much anywhere in public that scares my parents. You get everywhere faster by running, so why walk?

2. Climb everything. I’ve always enjoyed climbing on top of kitchen counters to reach cabinets, but now I can scale walls and climb really high in trees. In fact, the other night when my mom was playing tennis, she nearly had a heart attack when she saw how high I’d gotten in the tree next to the courts. Climbing rocks.

3. Dance. Even though my mom looks like a dork, it’s still fun to dance with her, especially when she swings me through her legs. I really like dancing on furniture and jumping off – I think I kinda look like Justin Bieber. I even did the moon walk in front of my school a few years back when I was a kid. Now, Mom has this program on her computer called photo booth, so I create videos of myself singing and dancing. 4. Slam it. Dunking basketballs using my Wii is pretty fun, but slamming it on my goal in the back yard is way cooler. I watched these NBA players dunk in a contest a while back, so now I try to imitate them while my mom rates me from 1-10. I get mad if I don’t get a 10 — I’ll probably be in that contest one day when I’m a pro.

5. Jump on beds. Yeah, I know my parents tell me their bed is about to cave in, but I just can’t help myself. Since they won’t get me a trampoline, I jump whenever they’re not looking.

6. Skip a lot. When’s the last time you tried this one? It’s faster than walking and lots more fun, too. It’s also impossible to skip without smiling, so it puts me in a good mood every time I do it.

7. Jump rope. We just started doing this at school and I love it. In fact, I am probably going to be professional soon, so my PE teacher gave me my own jump rope to take home. I even bet my mom $1 that she couldn’t do the criss cross, but she did it. I’my trying to figure out another jump she can’t do because I don’t like losing.

8. Wiggle. It’s really hard for me to sit still at school, when I’m reading, when I’m eating dinner or pretty much all the time. I still love that book Wiggle because it kinda reminds me of myself.

9. Ride bikes. My favorite way to do it is to pedal my heart out so my parents can’t keep up, then stop and rest. Then do it all over again. I also like to bounce up and down on my seat and hold my legs in the air. I hop over sidewalks and find dirt paths anywhere I can.  I can’t wait to go back to the BMX tracks and race against Dad. I just hope he doesn’t fall and hurt his shoulder like he did last summer.

10. Throw frisbee. Who cares if I pummel my neighbors’ flowers when I mis-fire? It’s just so darn fun to throw that disc.

Melinda Hinson