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Why Content is Queen and You Should Curtsy

Since I started working in marketing (far more years than I’d like to admit), content has been in high demand. Press releases, brochure copy, ad copy, case studies, packaging copy...
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Know Your Customers (as if You’re Dating Them)

Most, if not all, companies would like to connect with their customers in hopes of creating more leads and building a loyal customer base. The more you know about them,...
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I’m so Confused! 6 Steps to Understand Marketing (A Little Better)

Late last year, a client prospect asked me to provide a proposal for a marketing plan and lead generation campaign (using their automation software). Two months, three conversations and two...
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Reaching Healthcare Decision Makers is Like da Vinci Taking On Franklin

Despite the proliferation of digital marketing, big data and new ways to measure the effectiveness of just about everything, marketing is still as much an art as a science. If...
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What Healthcare Could Learn from CPG

Early in my career, I worked in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketing. A “classically trained marketer” was the term to describe these brand or product managers. Though times have changed...
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