Boston Marathon 2012: Stats and Other Stuff

My story of the 116th running of the Boston Marathon:

Due the unusual heat on race day, and subsequent warnings from the BAA, I thought it would be interesting to share some race stats.

Race Stats

Number of registered runners: 26,716

Number who started the race: 22,426

Number who finished the race: 21,554

Number treated at medical tents: 2,100 – many at finish line (800-1,200 higher than average)

Number treated at hospitals: 152

Number in critical condition at some point: 10 (Sources: and

I am also sharing how I stacked up against the field and answering the questions I am most frequently asked about running marathons.

My Stats

My number: 19638 (numbers are in order of qualification time)

My overall finish: 9272/21554

Gender finish: 2755/8966

Division finish: 271/1437

Net time: 4:03:20

Pre-race dinner: Pasta with tuna and capers, arugula salad, bread and a small glass of wine plus one glass of Recoverite for dessert (yum, yum!) Hours of sleep the night prior: 5-6 (not bad!)

Pre-race breakfast: Two scrambled eggs with toast and Odwalla protein shake when I woke up, bagel with peanut butter on the bus, ½ banana 45 minutes prior to start

+ 2 jugs of water throughout the bathroom

Number of bathroom trips: 3 + pit stop on course!

Race food/drink: 6 Gus (miles 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 24) and countless glasses of water and Gatorade (2-3X my normal intake)

Post-race food/drink: Recoverite, rolls, banana and lots of water Post-race routine: minimal stretching + five minutes cold water bath (couldn’t handle the ice)

Post-race dinner: pork tenderloin, couscous salad, asparagus and beer (thanks Lynne!)

Melinda Hinson