Calling all first time marathoners: And the winner is…(Part II)

I want you: Calling all first time marathoners!

I was so amazed and inspired by all the individuals who contacted me with interest in being part of my book project. Due the amazing response, I have decided to revise the focus of the book a bit. Though I will still highlight six individuals in great length, I will also include the stories of others, too. After all, my goal in writing the book is to motivate others to get fit and conquer personal challenges. What better way to do this than by featuring runners who inspire other want-to-be runners? If readers relate to someone in the book on a personal level, they are more like to say, “Wow! If she/he can run a marathon, so can I!” Yesterday, I shared the bios of the six people I’ll highlight in depth.

Today,I’m excited to introduce all the others who have offered to help make an invaluable contribution to the book. THANKS TO YOU ALL! Stay tuned, as I plan to feature as many as possible via my blog.

 Allison is running the Philadelphia marathon in honor of her late grandmother.

Becky is fighting a number of illnesses to run the Amica Marathon in Newport in October.

Caitlin is a seasoned runner who is terrified to run her first marathon in New York City in November.

 Briana is an actress in Vancouver who is happy to embrace her size 8/10 body. She’s going to start with a 10K and work her way up!

 Heather will make the transition from sprinter to marathoner in January at the Disney marathon.

 Jamie has lost 90 pounds and wants to mark a milestone in her life, both physically and spiritually, by completing her first marathon (destination TBD).

 Jes is running “26.2 with Donna Marathon” next February to honor her mom’s friend who died of breast cancer.

 Anabela is a mom who lives, dreams and sleeps about running a full marathon, but is starting with a half in September.

 Raam is travelling the world and wants to share his marathon experience to inspire and educate others on ways to improve their health.

Elise is joining me in San Francisco to run the Nike Women’s Marathon, excited to see those men in tuxes at the finish line!

 Lauren attends UC Davis and is still contemplating a marathon, and we’re going to cheer her on!

Stuart lives in Boise, ID, and is running the Portland Marathon in October. I had the pleasure to meet him last week, and am glad he has recovered from that scary mountain biking accident.

Gina is recovering from shin splints (with help from her furry running partner) and plans to run the Marine Corps marathon this fall.

Jessica is hoping to shape up, firm up and drop a few pounds en route to the Barry Half Marathon in GA on March 5th of 2011.

 Amanda started with the Couch to 5K program and has now stepped up her ambitions to run Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. (Oh, and did I mention she lost 100 pounds in the process?)

 Cynthia a 46-year old working mom of two, is trying to find time to train for the Hamilton Road2Hope in November.

Harold is a surfer who is running the Space Coast Marathon in November. – 

Sherry is running the White Rock Marathon in Dallas while she patiently awaits the arrival of her first adopted child.

 Erika is a single mom of three kids and will (somehow!) find time to train for the Long Beach Marathon in October.

Ginesa wants to run a 26.2miles as a testament to strength, belief, faith and resolve and to prove she can do what she once thought to be impossible (go Ginesa – you can do Disney!).

 Angie hopes to run her first barefoot marathon in October.

Erin is moving to the UAE next month and has plans to run the Dubai Marathon next January (can I come watch?).

 Erin (#2) realized there are only so many hours one can spend on an elliptical and signed up for Chicago (10/10/10).

Pam is learning to love her new home of Jackson, Tennessee, and needs an escape to  Vegas. What happens at the marathon will stay at that marathon. (Now did I mention that Jackson TN is my home-town?)

 Rebecca is running a marathon in Athens, Greece, in October.  (Think I could fit in the suitcase?)

 Amy is juggling work, 2 kids and her love for the Hokies, all while training for the Austin Marathon next February. No wonder she has lost weight in the process!

 Doris is going to run her way out of a rut in the Tobacco Road Marathon in March of next year.

Jen G is winning weight loss competitions and ready to run the Marine Corps Marathon this fall.

Carla, a self-proclaimed slow runner, is ready to take on Chicago! We need to console her in knowing we ALL have bad runs!

 Teri-Lyn is fighting the interesting weather of Eastern Canada to prepare for her October marathon.

Jenny is running the Tiberius Marathon to celebrate running outdoors – after 15 years of indoor, treadmill running in Israel. Way to go Jenny!

Ricky is new to running, still losing weight, and looking to cross marathon off his bucket list!

 Sara, a resident of the Big Apple, is building her self-image and fueling her body with gluten-free food in preparation for the ING New York City marathon.

 Molly, a former resident of NYC, is running the Rochester Marathon one day after 9/11, to remember the day that shook her world and ours forever. And a special thanks to the following ladies for helping me promote the book: Beth of Shut Up and Run, Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point and Operation Beautiful, and Jody of Truth2BeingFit, and Kelly of Healthy Living with Kelly.

Melinda Hinson