February Fit Tip #2: Feel the Love

All too often, a fitness program gets stuck in a rut because of boredom, lack of motivation or complete disinterest. Who wants to work diligently at an activity we dislike doing in the first place? If at first you don’t succeed in finding something you truly love, then try again! If you can’t think of anything that strikes your fancy, then think back to your childhood. Did you like riding bikes? Roller skating? Jumping on a trampoline? No one said you couldn’t revisit these sports/activities as an adult. (But beware: flexibility declines with age!) If you’re still struggling to find something you enjoy, then think about some of the following:

Do you prefer team sports? If so, then consider playing basketball, soccer, dodgeball, ultimate Frisbee, kickball, or baseball/softball. Check out Mark’s Daily Apple for information on how to become involved in adults sports leagues and why you should join one.

Do you like to socialize? You can revisit “team sports” (above) or consider options which are great for socializing, like tennis and golf. The USTA has leagues in many areas around the country, and public courts are FREE to use.

Do you prefer being alone? Then maybe jogging, walking, cycling, swimming or using a machine at the gym is right for you — not that you can’t do these activities with others, but it’s easy to partake whenever you want, without having to coordinate with someone else.

Is being outside what it’s all about? Even if you don’t live in a scenic location, if you get outside, you’ll be able to smell the flowers, see the sunshine and feel the breeze – across a range of activities. If you happen to live near the mountains, then hiking, biking and skiing open up a world of possibilities. In my hometown of Boise, we are blessed to have wonderful Bogus Basin just 16 miles up a mountain road, a great place for the entire family to get outside and exercise.

Do you like taking group fitness classes? There are a plethora of classes to take at your local gym, from yoga to Pilates to kickboxing to Zumba, just to get the list started. (Check out some of the unusual classes mentioned in this ABC News article!) Try them out. You never know what you might like. Above all else, experiment with a variety of activities until you find something you really love. You’ll be much more apt to stick with it if you do.

MOVE #2: Challenge yourself to try something new each week in February. Did you find something you didn’t know you liked? (If not, then March is right around the corner).

Melinda Hinson