February Fit Tip #4: Sign Up!

Though it’s easy to set a fitness goal, it’s harder to stick to it. Signing up for an event or race  is a great motivator to help achieve your fitness goals. With a stake in the ground, you’ll gain clarity and focus on what you’re trying to achieve. There are a variety of ways you can commit to an organized event or program, and it doesn’t have to be a competitive, high-pressure race. For example, the mayor of Boise once challenged the people of the city to. walk 150 miles in one year.  Alternatively, you could walk in a local 5K. If walking is not your cup of tea, then run a race. Play in a tennis tournament. Ride a bike from Sturbridge to Provincetown in the Pan Mass Challenge or cycle for an entire week in Iowa in the RAGBRAI.  Hike a mountain. Sign up for an adventure race, like the Spartan series. Or pick an event at the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival in Sun River, Oregon, where there’s something for everyone in the family. Now is a great time to sign up for a summer event — you’ll have plenty of time to get in shape and have the time of your life, too. Stay tuned for the next post for an excerpt from my book, Heart and Sole, on how to pick a marathon event. Even if 26.2 miles is not in your foreseeable future, there are some great suggestions to consider for any sport you might happen to choose. Move #4: Start looking today. Google the sport of your choice and see what events or races are at your disposable. By the end of the week, you need to sign up!

Melinda Hinson