February Fit Tip #6: Make it social

Not only will friends and family help hold you accountable to your fitness schedule, but they’ll make exercise more fun, too. With conversation and laughter as part of the experience, the workout becomes less work. Likewise, if you join a soccer or tennis team, your teammates will make sure you show up while also providing a sense of camaraderie. Even a yoga class at the gym is more fun that watching a tape at home alone, and you’ll learn more with a teacher guiding your moves.

There are times when exercise must and should be solo, but try to experience a workout with someone else. You might find a break in the routine a welcome surprise. As someone once suggested to me, exercising with friends is a “two-for.” You get in shape while laughing with the buddies you love.

Move #6: When’s the last time you met a friend for a workout? Make a date with someone special and schedule some time afterwards for a beer, too! Now that’s a way to making working out worthwhile.

Melinda Hinson