Healthy You Tip #9: Don’t be Shy

After gaining my Freshman 25 in college (captured in photo above with friend Leigh), I refused to work out at my free-of-charge and convenient college gym. I was too embarrassed to wear shorts or tights in front of my fellow colleagues. The solution was a trek out to the all-women’s gym, usually followed by a stop at TCBY.  Maybe I should have stayed closer to campus, all +25 pounds of me, especially after driving into the back end of a truck while trying to view the flavors of the day.

If you don’t feel comfortable strutting your stuff in front of others, then find a gym that feels comfortable to you. If you don’t want to run around the block for your neighbors’ eyes to see, then buy a treadmill and walk or jog at home. What’s most important is going at your pace and finding an activity you enjoy.

One of the greatest inspirations of running marathons is watching throngs of people – all shapes and sizes – running beside, behind and front of me. There are folks who are emaciated,  men and women who are pleasantly plump, blind runners, and athletes making their way by wheelchair. It’s not about embarrassment; it’s about pride and accomplishment.

There’s simply no one-size-fits-all equation when it comes to fitness. All measurements are allowed.

Challenge #9: So don’t be shy. Fitness is about good health and feeling good.

Courtesy to college roommate and friend, Leigh Haley, pictured above. She, by the way, ate well and exercised throughout her college years and looked fabulous to prove it!

Melinda Hinson