I Want You: Calling All First Time Marathoners

The Crazy

Some of us runners are half crazy (two are pictured below).

We have drunk the marathon Kool-Aid. We ran a marathon once and became obsessed with breaking personal records, overcoming endless mind games, re-experiencing “the feeling” you get after crossing the finish line. Or maybe we enjoy sharing portable bathrooms with total strangers.

And we keep racing, for one reason or another. At least until we can’t.

And the Not so Crazy

Then there are those of you who aren’t so crazy, who have “running a marathon” on your bucket list. You want to run a marathon because you want to mark this challenge off the list as one of your grand accomplishments in life.

Expert? I have finished twelve marathons and hope to complete my 13th this fall in San Francisco in the Nike Women’s Marathon, and I think that qualifies me as an expert on the topic. At the very least, I am an expert at what not to do, from having learned the hard way. And I’ve qualified for Boston – not because I suddenly got faster. But because I got older and haven’t slowed down.

How To’s for Non-elite Marathoners by a Non-elite Marathoner

I feel so passionately about the benefits of running marathons, I am going to write a book about it. Not just the schedule you need to pick, but what you should eat, how to choose the perfect event, how to stay motivated and avoid injuries, and other interesting but oft less-talked-about topics like that. After all, I started out with a marathon on my bucket list before I came addicted.

I Want You!

I want to feature you in my book and in my blog, as you train for a marathon. I want to understand why you want to do it. I want to hear about your highs and lows, peaks and valleys, accomplishments and challenges. And most of all, I want to see that photo of you crossing the finish line and hear your description of why that experience felt so great. And possibly changed your life.

Calling all First-time Marathoners

To qualify, you need to be a first time marathoner.  And I would like to get a variety of body types and ages and reasons for doing. Maybe some of you want to lose weight and get in shape. And maybe some want to find balance in an otherwise stressful life.  Heck, maybe you want to do it before you’re too old to run at all. Not only will you be prominently featured, but you will also receive complimentary coaching while you are training, from yours truly herself. And…just think of all the others you’ll inspire in the process.


Email me (melinda at hinsonneely dot com) or comment below, as I’m limiting this offer to five individuals.

Melinda Hinson