No More Turkey: Alternatives to the Traditional Thanksgiving Feast

This year I am boycotting turkey on Thanksgiving day, for a number of reasons. Do any of these apply to you?

I’m tired of turkey, even if it has been a year.

I don’t eat meat.

Turkey is not a sustainable choice.

Turkey and its many accompaniments are too expensive.

Preparing the turkey feast is too much work.

I’m so lazy I’m going out to eat.

I’m somewhere between sick of turkey and don’t want to spend my entire day in the kitchen. Not to mention, I end up throwing away half of what I cook anyway – which is so wasteful for the amount of money spent!

So I went looking online and found some wonderful alternatives. What looks good to you?

And if that doesn’t help you, here are a few other suggestions:

A little information about tufurky and other vegetarian options.

How to adopt a turkey.


Melinda Hinson