Official Release of Eat In, Not Out

Today, I’m excited to announce the official release of Eat In, Not Out!

Are you ready to eat healthier in the new year?

About the NOOK First Promotion

Selected by Barnes & Noble as a NOOK First Title, the book is currently listed as a “Compelling Read From Authors You Need to Know!” It’s only $4,99, so hurry and buy a copy now!

By being a NOOK Book that also happens to be a Cook Book (Without the Recipes), Eat In, Not Out will receive some special love from Barnes & Noble. In addition to the prominent placement on its web site, the book will be mentioned in newsletters, emails and other promotional vehicles over the next month. In return, NOOK is the sole distributor during this month. (And as several have already asked, no, I didn’t pay Barnes & Noble. They selected my book!)

When the promotion ends, the book will be available to purchase via multiple channels and in multiple formats (e.g., in print, other eReaders).

About the NOOK

Many of you may not own a NOOK. But don’t despair! You can go directly to the B&N web site and download a NOOK app onto a PC, Mac, iPad, iPHone, and Droid device. I downloaded the app onto an iPad last week and it worked like a charm (and easy to figure out, too).

And Another Thing

Thanks for your continued support of my books and blog. If you could share the news of the book’s release with friends and family, I’d be most appreciative!

About Eat In, Not Out

  • Do you want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you tired of eating the same meals over and over again?
  • Do recipes sound like they’re written in a foreign language?
  • Do you have hungry mouths to feed, many of whom exclaim “yuck” when they see your creations?
  • Do you often resort to take-out to keep up with life’s demands?

Eat In!

Turn your kitchen into the centerpiece for delicious meals and lasting memories.

Not Out!

Save time and money while eating healthier, more wholesome meals.

Eat In, Not Out has something for everyone, whether you are a cooking novice or expert! With input from expert cooks and food bloggers, including Shaina Olmanson, Lynne Viera, Aimée Wimbush-Bourque, and others – you will discover everything from the basics of nutrition to easy pick-me-ups that transform meals.

Melinda Hinson