Recommended Resources for Fitness and Nutrition

While the keynote for a group of professional women in Bozeman, MT, I was myself  alright – a forgetful, 48-year old female! Yep – I totally blanked on the answer to a question I was asked. That was a first (likely not a last), and I’m still replaying the embarrassing moment in my head. Sadly, the woman who asked the question did not re-introduce herself afterwards when I could think a bit more coherently. So in case you are reading, I wanted to answer the question a bit more informatively than I did that day.

What resources would you recommend in the way of nutrition, fitness and health?

Here are a few resources to get me started. I’ll keep adding to the list as I continue to research, study and read!

Nutrition/Wellness Books

Marion Nestle: What to Eat

Michael Pollan: Omnivore’s Dilemma and Food Rules

Campbell and Campbell: The China Study

Matt Fitzgerald: Performance Nutrition for Runners


Chris Schlesinger: License to Grill

Jamie Oliver: Any cookbook but I especially like Jamie’s Food Revolution Other recommended cookbooks, magazines and cooking blogs found here


No Meat Athlete (Matt Frazier)

(Georgie Fear, RD) The Positivity Blog

(Henrik Edberg) Food Politics

(Marion Nestle) Runners World

Melinda Hinson