Easy Grilled Asparagus To Please the Crowd

When others ask me what my specialty is, I generally tell them “making healthy food taste great.” Nothing could be more true than with vegetables. I was determined years ago that my child would eat his veggies, and sure enough, he does today. Some creations took more trial and error than others, but my version […]

How the Feingold Diet Changed a Boy’s Life

Jean began a challenging health journey with her son, Alex, at the age of six. It started with a series of involuntary movements, including teeth grinding, blinking eyes, shoulder movements and later kicking movements. Around the same time, he began exhibiting behavioral problems, symptoms mirroring that of a child with ADHD. Initially, Alex’s pediatrician thought […]

Treating a Child’s ADHD Through Diet (Part I)

Though I usually advocate baby steps as a means to adopt a healthier lifestyle, sometimes more drastic measures are required. When serious medical issues afflict us or our children, skipping the chips may not do the trick. I recently interviewed Samantha, mother of two, whose 8-year old child was diagnosed with ADHD. After eighteen months of disillusionment with medication, […]

Eat to Feel Good and Find Balance in Life

Later this week, I’ll be speaking to a group of ladies in lovely Bozeman, Montana, as part of Montana State’s College of Business Women’s Circle of Excellence. I’ll be sharing my words of wisdom on how to achieve work/life balance in today’s harried pace. Given that during the past two months I have bought a […]