Simple Vegetable Risotto

What is risotto? Risotto is an Italian rice dish. I used to think risotto was horribly unhealthy because of its creamy consistency! But not all creamy sauces are created equally. In fact, this creamy sauce is created as the broth cooks the starchiness out of the  rice. You heard right. Most risottos are prepared by […]

Morel Mushrooms and Pasta

One of my favorite treats during this time of the year is morel mushrooms. Morels, with an earthy, nutty, steak-like flavor, are considered by many to be the king of mushrooms. They certainly are in our family! Morels have a sponge-like appearance and hunting them down can be quite challenging.   According to Mother Earth […]

Curry Salmon Stir-Fry

I prepared this dish the other night, anticipating a not-so-welcome-reception from Luke. What I got from him instead was, “Oh yeah! I LOVE this dish. What’s it called?…..It needs a name. I’m going to call it cool salmon.” Who would have thought an eight year old son of a Southerner would love a curry dish? […]