Chicken with Watercress Salad and Guacamole

This is when a nice dinner salad hits the spot, along with a cold beer, of course. This dish is inspired by Jamie Oliver. Though the original recipe cannot be found online, you can purchase the video tutorial for your iPad. I usually throw it together based on whatever ingredients I have on hand, and […]

A Child’s Dinner Wish – Sliders

This past weekend, my mom and son, Luke, and I played — lots of Uno, football and basketball. He got to sleep in my bed, and of course, he got to select some of his favorite meals to cook. (I’m freezing the leftovers to have next time). On the last evening, he begged to have […]

White fish with “corn guacamole”

My little boy, Luke, loves anything with avocados, and as such, names anything containing avocados “guacamole.” I’m not sure the seasoned chef would term this topping guacamole; rather, a corn salsa might be more apropos. Either way, this dish is very versatile because you can use any type of white fish and serve it with […]