What the Fat?

Do you find yourself getting lost in fat minutia at times? With all the types of dietary fat and confusing terms for fat, it’s hard to keep all the fat facts straight. Why Should You Care? Consuming too much dietary fat, especially unhealthy types, might result in weight gain. In addition, high fat consumption could […]

A Bite is Not Enough

The USDA recommends that we eat less by avoiding oversized meals. I couldn’t agree more, especially in a culture of all things supersized. However, as I mentioned in a blog post last week about my health calendar experiment, I find that eating more meals, as opposed to fewer of them, helps maintain body weight and […]

Fun Facts for Healthy Eating

Those who know me well (or are aware I have a child who calls himself the “Nutrients Man”) also know that I am a pretty healthy eater. Most people guess that I’m a vegetarian, but I’m not. In fact, I have four basic principles that guide my own eating habits and those whose I closely […]