Do your kids (and you) eat enough veggies?

For years, we have been blaming our children’s expanding waistline on fast food restaurants, advertisements on TV, sugary beverages and increased screen time. And while all of these factors are indeed culprits, parents and caregivers have an integral role as well. It’s learned at home A study conducted at the University of North Carolina at […]

Easy Grilled Asparagus To Please the Crowd

When others ask me what my specialty is, I generally tell them “making healthy food taste great.” Nothing could be more true than with vegetables. I was determined years ago that my child would eat his veggies, and sure enough, he does today. Some creations took more trial and error than others, but my version […]

Is pizza a vegetable?

There was a rumor recently that Congress passed legislation which allowed pizza to be designated a vegetable. My reaction spanned the following emotions: Great — our highly efficient and productive legislators are now deciding what my child should eat at school. I can’t wait to take a side of pizza to a dinner party as […]