The Best Ever Brussels Sprouts


I have been a big fan of Brussels sprouts for a long time, so it is with great pleasure to welcome this veggie’s newfound popularity. Also with great pride, at a recent dinner gathering with my gym friends, someone halted the chatter to ask, “Who made the Brussels sprouts? This is the first time in my life I’ve been able to eat them. Please give the recipe to my wife.”

So here goes, for his wife as well as others who want to taste this yummy vegetable prepared in a fabulous way.


10-15 Brussels sprouts (more if smaller)

4-5 medium-sized garlic cloves


Balsamic glaze for drizzling

Step 1: Prep the Brussels Sprouts.

Chopped brussels sprouts

A long time ago, a friend of mine suggested that peeling the outer layers of Brussels Sprouts removes the bitterness. I’m not sure if that was an old wives’ tale or not, but I’ve been peeling them ever since. First, trim the bottom of the vegetable then remove the outer leaves. Lastly, chop the remaining vegetable in half. I like to collect them all in a bowl so there’s room on the cutting board to slice and dice 4-5 cloves of garlic. It may sound like a lot, but in my opinion, there’s no such thing as too much garlic.

Step 2. Sauté the Brussels Sprouts.

I use a cast iron skillet because I believe it helps enhance the crispiness of the vegetable. However, if you don’t have one, simply use a skillet that is oven-proof. Heat several tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat (don’t be shy) then place Brussels sprouts halves face down. Sprinkle the garlic on top and let them cook undisturbed for about 10-12 minutes. (I like to check to make sure they are adequately browned after 10 minutes. Sometimes they need a few extra minutes).

Step 3. Bake the Brussels Sprouts.

baked brussels sprouts

Place the skillet into a pre-heated 400 degree over to bake for 10-12 minutes. I usually check on them after 8 minutes or so and mix them up to brown the top side of the Brussels sprouts.

Step 4. Prepare to serve.

You can leave the vegetables in the skillet until you serve them as the additional cooking never hurts. When ready to serve, place them on a dish and drizzle balsamic glaze over the top. If you have never bought/used balsamic glaze, it is wonderful for many dishes.


Melinda Hinson