Healthy You Tip #1: Picture This!

#1 of my 13 tips for a healthy you.

What does a healthy, happy you look like? Get a pencil and piece of paper and draw a self-portrait of that person.

  • What is the expression on your face?
  • How are you dressed?
  • What is the background to depict the activities in which you are engaging?
  • What are you holding in your hands?
  • Are others in your picture? Who?
  • If you add a speech bubble, what would you be saying?

If you’re not very good at drawing, feel free to use stick figures and describe what you see in words.

If the vision is not coming to you, sit back, relax and close your eyes. Envision a narrow path that leads to your favorite vacation destination. Where are you? Why does this place make you happy? What is your favorite activity at this destination?

Like departing for vacation, you won’t reach the destination if you haven’t determined where you want to go. Similarly, if you set off on your journey to well-being without knowing what you are trying to achieve, you’ll move aimlessly along without making any real progress.

Challenge #1: What are your waiting for? Start drawing!

Illustration courtesy of Luke Neely.

Melinda Hinson