Healthy You Tip #2: Be Real

#2 of my 13 tips for a healthy you

Just as very few of us will ever win a lottery, it may not be possible to have Jennifer Aniston’s hair, Bradley Cooper’s eyes or Charlize Theron’s legs. We may not be able to swim as fast as Michael Phelps or dunk a basketball like Lebron James. Just because a healthy you may not have abs of steel or a million dollar jump shot, you’re no less special, beautiful or innately talented.

Though the sky is the limit, let the stars twinkle where they may. If we turn life upside down or try to become a person we’re not, the results are sure to disappoint in the long-haul. Little tweaks in our current lifestyle may be all we need to produce the results we’re after – ones that are true to ourselves and personally fulfilling.

Don’t deprive yourself, but don’t strive for excess either. Live with the things you love, and be sure to allocate wisely.

Avoid extremes and attempts at perfection, and you’ll be welcoming greater balance into your life.

Challenge #2: Write down five small tweaks you’d like to make to your current lifestyle. Then plan to introduce them, one at a time, one week at time.

Illustration courtesy of Luke Neely.

Melinda Hinson