Healthy You Tip #6: Ask For Help

 #6 of my 13 tips for a healthy you

Remember the parable of the flood? A man drowned because he turned down the help of a neighbor, boat crew and helicopter pilot, all who offered to rescue him from a flood, simply because he was waiting for God to save the day.

Whatever your religious beliefs happen to be, the parable nicely reminds us that we must take initiative to embrace a healthy lifestyle. No one is going to magically save us from apple pies, bags of Tositos,  procrastination or sheer laziness. In short, there’s no shortcut or scapegoat for getting healthy. The buck stops here, so don’t wait until something bad happens to do something good for yourself.

While on this venture to living healthier, when others offer to help, accept their kindness and generosity with grace and gratitude. You’re not in this race alone, not entirely, at least.  Another person’s help, wisdom or guidance may be just the life jacket you need.

And if they don’t offer, then don’t be afraid to ask anyway. Your friends and family want you to feel good and be happy.

A helping hand goes a long way in reaching any life goal, so reach out and grab it.

Challenge #6:  Who might be able to help you with whatever goal(s) you have laid out to live a healthier lifestyle? If you are running a race, tell a few friends so they can help hold you accountable. If you trying to reduce fat and calories, forewarn your spouse that dinners may take on a new twist. If you need more time to yourself, ask a family member to watch your children.

There now. Was that so hard?

Illustration by Luke Neely.

Melinda Hinson