Healthy You Tip #8: Get Inspired

#8 of my 13 tips of a healthy you

What motivates you to take care of yourself, believe in yourself and just be? Is it an inspirational book? The influence of a good friend? Encouragement from your kids? A trainer or coach? Or maybe all you need is uplifting music?

Some of these sources of inspiration are more realistic and/or cost-effective than others, so seek what is within your reach. Fill up your day with things that motivate you to be a better person and live a healthier life. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to little luxuries like walking in the park, taking a bubble bath or watching a beautiful sunset.

Surround yourself with those who motivate and encourage you, not ones who wear you down or strip away at your confidence. Surrounding yourself with positive influences can add needed sunshine to your day as you strive to become a healthier you.

Challenge #8: Make a list of things and/or people who motivate you. Now put a price tag beside each. What can you afford to pursue? Not to pursue?

Now go do (or buy) it!

Illustration by Luke Neely.

Melinda Hinson