Healthy You Tip #9: Don’t Sweat it!

Today is #9 of my 13 tips for a healthy you

Like any major highway, there will always be twists, turns, splits and even a few dead ends on your journey to living healthier. Everyone goofs up, so don’t expect perfection. Instead, welcome the missteps and cut yourself a break.

There will be days when you turn off the alarm and go back to sleep when you meant to get up and exercise. Others when you have that second glass of wine or extra helping of chocolate cake. A day when you skipped your meditation practice or didn’t drink that eighth glass of water before you went to bed. Forgiving yourself is often half the battle. One slip, or even two or three, doesn’t break the healthy living bank. Indulge and enjoy, and get back on track tomorrow.

When you’re feeling the pressure to perform but start to fizzle out, don’t hyperventilate. Instead, take a deep breath, relax and try to have some fun. Even in the rockiest times, you’ll find the inner strength to keep moving along a healthy path.

A healthy you is well within reach, so don’t give up. The rewards will be well worth the effort.

Challenge #9: Have you goofed up recently? Go ahead and admit it. Even write it down. Then erase it – from the paper and your mind.

Illustration courtesy of Luke Neely.

Melinda Hinson